Sunday, April 1, 2012

Organizational Websites

Today's paper had a couple of interesting web sites as follows:
  • DOXO - Apple iPhone only - Takes a picture of your bill or statement, then stash it in the appropriate file (credit cards, utilities, etc.). It will keep track of due dates and payments. You can also receive e-bills from certain vendors and soon you will be able to pay them directly (FREE)
  • MANILLA - Android and Apple - You can manage all of your on line accounts - bank, cell phone, frequent flier, magazine subscriptions and then pay bills with a few taps of your finger (FREE)
  • SMARTYPIG - Android and Apple - Smarty Pig will squirrel away a specified amount from your bank account each month until you reach your goal (FREE)
Thought that you might have some interest in some or all of them.


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