Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Check The Facts

If you want to check the truth in journalism and not get fooled, check the facts with the following web sites:

  • - Provides careful analysis of claims made by politicians and other newsmakers. Its scope is national.
  • - It rates politicians' claims.  It has links to 11 affiliated state fact checking organizations.
  • - Awards "Pinocchios" for political falsehoods.  It is national in scope.
  • - Debunks political and other misleading claims.  It is national in scope and has photos and videos.
  • - debunks all sorts of myths, including those spread by viral emails
  • - Features an interactive website where you enter your address and the issues most important to you and it responds with an array of candidates for national offices that you are eligible to elect with their photos on campaign posters.  The larger the poster, the closer that candidate's positions are to your own.
Source: The Costco Connection, November, 2012

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