Thursday, June 28, 2012


If anybody has a sump pump with no moving parts (like the Rigid brand that you can get from Home Depot) and the pump shuts off and then goes back on almost immediately and continues that cycle for quite some time, there is a fix for that.  You just need to take vinegar and clean the glass prism (it is installed vertically along the side of the sump pump),  and after cleaning the prism with vinegar wash the vinegar off with clear water.  If the prism is hard to get to, get yourself a fairly long stick and attach a dish sponge dish scrubber to the stick and get vinegar on the sponge head either by putting the vinegar on the head or by putting vinegar in the reservoir (if there is one) and make sure that the vinegar gets to the sponge head.  I attached a toothbrush to another stick, and I wash/scrub the vinegar off with water in the sump pump pit.  The problem is that the prism gets dirty over time and thinks that it should start to run due to the dirt on the surface of the prism.  Once the prism is clean, it no longer gets this false signal, and the continuous running stops.  I just had this issue yesterday, and did the above steps, and the pump works just fine now with no more starting and stopping.  You might have to do this about every 6 months to keep the prism clean and stop this continuous on and off running.

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