Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Yellow Dot Program

I do not remember whether or not I told you about this program.  If I have already told you about the program, please excuse the repetition.  We just got our packets and have filled them out, and will mount the yellow dot on our back windshield and put the narrative in our glove compartment today.
The program sounds like a good idea.  See links below for how it works.  The program is free, and could save a life.
SS, you could put the yellow dot on the back of your motorcycle helmet.  You can get as many packets as you want.  We are putting a copy of mother's and my information in each car since constant passengers in a car should have information about them available also.  There are at least 23 states participating in this program.
I picked up our packets at our village hall.  The police departments may also have them.
If you have any questions about the program that I can answer, please do let me know.

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